Tattoo Artists

Shop Guidelines:

  • Shop Minimum is $60
  • Shop rate is $100/hr (rates subject to change at the discretion of the artist)
  • You must be 18 years or older with a valid form of non-expired ID
    • Those valid forms being Driver’s License

      • Non Driver’s License ID
      • Military ID
      • Passport

    Aftercare Instructions:

    • If there is a bandage remove carefully after 1 hr
    • Wash with warm soapy water with fingers. The soap should be unscented and antibactertial
    • Do put ointment on in very thin coats for 5-7 days
    • Always make sure you have cleanb hands before applying ointment
    • After 3-5 days use an unscented lotion we recommend Aveeno
    • NO salt air, salt water, chlorine, direct sun or tanning for 7 days
    • DO NOT pick or scratch your new tattoo while healing at least 7 days
    • Don’t wear new clothing that hasn’t been washed at least 3 times
    • If you stick to your clothes or anytrhing else, wet it down with warm water until it releases on its own
    • Do not soak/submerge your tattoo for 7 days
    • To prolong life of your tattoo use sunblock. They make chapstick style sun block so you can protect only the tattoo if you want to tan

    Any questions don’t hesitate to call the shop 603-521-7254